The Government is planning to assign colour codes for each type of fuel used in vehicles in order to reduce pollution level in the metropolitan city – Delhi. The vehicles will be patched with the coloured sticker in order to differentiate whether the vehicles are diesel powered or electric hydrogen powered and hybrid and if they are BS5 and BS6 compliant. Besides this the Government is planning to put the year of registration of the vehicle on the front windscreen, which will help authorities to spot the vehicles which are not allowed to commute on the roads of Delhi.

The petrol and CNG vehicles travelling regularly on the roads of Delhi will have to paste blue stickers on their windshield. On the otherhand diesel powered vehicles rolling on the Delhi roads will have to carry orange stickers. The ministry is asked by the court to consider the introduction of green number plates for hybrid and electric vehicles. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways are asked to implement the use of coloured stickers on vehicles shuttling on Delhi – National Capital Region [NCR] by 30th September, 2018 by the SC bench comprising justices S Abdul Nazeer and Deepak Gupta. Moreover this stickers will help to restrict the entry of the diesel vehicles of more than 10 years and petrol vehicles of more than 15 years on the roads of Delhi.

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Advocate Aparajita Singh, assisting the court as amicus curiae mooted the proposal for colour coding. She told the bench, “It is important to classify fuel according to its polluting properties. This would help policy – makers and public in identifying cleaner vehicles. Paris has classified vehicles into six categories based on fuel and issued colour – coded stickers for identification. Similar colour- coded stickers can be used to identify vehicles in India and restrict the use of dirtier vehicles during poor category days. This would be more scientific than the ‘odd and even scheme’ that is being followed presently.”

Govt affidavit field in the Supreme Court read, “After introduction of coloured stickers, the use of more polluting vehicles can be restricted in a congested or a polluted zone temporarily or permanently depending on the pollution level. This decision should be taken by the local authority based on Air Quality Index of the area.”

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