The BMW you won’t see coming: The Vantablack X6

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2020-bmw-x6-vantablack - profile

A little while ago, we brought you about the BMW you don’t want to mess around – The BMW X5 VR6 protection. Not very later, the folks at Munich have done something you wont be able to see coming. But before going any further, here is something you would have come across – A social media post where someone would have posted a picture of a car that is completely black. So much so that you would think it’s certainly not possible. Well, time to re-consider your thoughts. The folks at Munich have done it to a BMW X6 – to be particular, the yet-to-be-unveiled BMW X6. BMW will showcase this one off car at the Frankfurt motorshow. Here’s a glimpse for you…

The One of Beast – BMW X6 – Vantablack
What have they done!

They have taken a s BMW X6 and sprayed it with the blackest black known to man – The Vantablack VBX2. It is so very black that it absorbs about 99 percent of light thrown at it. As it absorbs so much light, it hides all the design elements and makes that car look like it is done in 2 dimensional space.

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Vantablack BMW X6 – The blackest black.

Nope, that is not blacked out in computer or some bad rendering you are looking at. That is the actual car you are looking at. So, what is this Vantablack? VANTA stands for Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array – something that is made out of carbon. Instead of reflecting the light – it absorbs the light and converts into heat. So, why did BMW do this – because why not? The paint makes an impression as if you are looking into a void or a blackhole.

2020-bmw-x6-vantablack - front 3q
VB X6 – Front 3 Quarters

The Vantablack – though hides all the design elements from the Beast of an SUV, provides for a beautiful canvas. It makes the LED headlamps, the glowing kidney grill and LED tail lamp look as if they are floating. Nonetheless, it looks cool. Sadly, BMW is not very likely to offer this as a regular color option in production. We are already imagining the BMW X5 VR6 Protection painted in the Vantablack XB2. If they can’t see you coming – they ain’t messing with you.

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