The BMW you don’t want to mess around: The X5 Protection VR6

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BMW X5 Protection VR6

You are a business tycoon and run a Multi Billion Dollar Conglomerate. You are always on the move inking deals and making mergers and acquisitions. Or perhaps you are an envoy, deployed on a sensitive overseas mission. “Security” is something that always surrounds you. Now, let’s just say, for example, you end up on a hit list. Your name carries a big bounty and could be hunted down any minute.  You might want to consider the BMW X5 with VR6 ballistic protection levels.

X5 VR6 Protection

How much can it take?

Though the BMW X5 VR6 does not fire a bullet, it does protect you from being fired at by the most common Assault rifle – the AK-47. Yes, you read it right. The new X5 security is VR6 level certified. It has 33 millimeter bulletproof glass and poly carbonate to protect you and your close ones. The new generation of X5 was developed with an armored version in mind.  In addition to the bullet proof glass you have armor plating made from high-strength steel, aluminum under body protection and a self sealing fuel tank.

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X5 VR6 Protection - 33mm bulletproof glass

This BMW can withstand hand grenades thrown at it. The boot partition is armored in this BMW. You also get intercom and attack alarm as a standard. In addition, you can have the roof armored as well –  an option – to prevent from ariel attack. Ventilated seats with a massage option is another optional extra.

The V8 monster under the hood

The heart of the BMW X5 VR6 is a mighty 4.4 liter, twin turbo V8 engine. The engine catapults the X5 to 100kmph from standstill in about 5.9 seconds. Pretty good for an armored car. The suspension and the brakes have been adapted to handle the extra weight the armor adds to the SUV.

Pictures, courtesy of Autocar India

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