BMW R18 Cruiser launched – modern motorcycle in a retro package

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BMW R18 Cruiser launched - modern motorcycle in a retro package

BMW Motorrad has launched the latest motorcycle of its fleet – the BMW R18 Cruiser. The motorcycle is priced on the heftier side costing Rs 18.9 lakh and Rs 21.9 lakh for the First Edition.

The R18 Cruiser is a retro throwback motorcycle but with a modern heart. It is available in two variants – standard and first edition. The R18 looks like a classic in all aspects. The spoke wheels, round headlamps, albeit, with LED, the shape of the fuel tank, the cushy seat, the extremely wide handlebars, and the huge tail fender is all a nod to the retro charm.

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The first edition, on the other hand, gets extra chrome inserts along with a new paint job called the Blackstorm metallic paint shade. It also features a badge stating ‘First Edition’.

The BMW R18 Cruiser runs on a brand new 1,800cc, air and oil-cooled engine that pumps out a huge 91hp and 158Nm torque. Most of the torque is delivered in the low to mid-end of the rpm band resulting in a 0-100kmph sprint in just 4.8 seconds. However, the top speed is electrically limited to 180kmph.

The motorcycle might look retro but has modern tech on the inside. The BMW R18 Cruiser sports three rain modes – Rain, Roll, and Rock (Rain, Road, and Sport). It also gets some safety features like switchable Automatic Safety Control (ASC) which prevents rear-wheel slip and also engine drag converter. A reverse electric motor is useful to navigate the motorcycle which weighs a massive 345kg.



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