BMW India Launches Contactless Experience via Online Service Website

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BMW India Launches Contactless Experience via Online Service Website

BMW India has launched a great initiative to ease its sales and services in the current COVID19 phenomenon. All the automotive stores along with the entire business globally are facing difficulty due to coronavirus, which is an unfortunate situation for the whole world. To smooth the sales and services, BMW has introduced an online store.

The customers can easily book BMW cars and avail services through the online portal. As we all know, we cannot move out of our houses to stay safe from coronavirus. Hence, the internet is a great help in this situation. The automotive maker has designated the initiative as Contactless Experience, which can be used by the customers through smartphone, tablet or computers.

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BMW India Launches Contactless Experience via Online Service Website

BMW India has offered different options which the customers can avail without going out of their houses. They can customize BMW models, know about the products, service packages and finance options. These options will be supported by real-time communication with respective dealers via the internet. They can get a 360° view of the vehicle from outside to the cabin along with detailed features inside-out.

Not only this, but the customers will also get step to step guide for buying a car or enjoy other services. The dealership will provide digital vehicle brochures, specification details and additional papers, which are necessary to buy a vehicle. After the documentation process, the company will deliver the vehicle to the customer’s door after careful sanitisation.

BMW India Launches Contactless Experience via Online Service Website

The vehicle documents will be sent in a sanitised envelope as well. The pre-owned BMWs will also be delivered via the online retail website. According to BMW, all the sales and services via the website will comply with the local government norms about the COVID19 crisis. The customers can visit to enjoy the services.

The company also offers vehicle servicing facility through the new service. You can assign a date and time, type of service and validate vehicle pick up and drop aspects. The billing details will be given to the customers through BMW’s Smart Video. After final approval, the service will be initiated. The company will follow the local rules strictly before delivery and service. The payment process will be completely digital.

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