Biking Expedition: Compromising safety at the cost of life?

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On June 21,2019, 57 year old Jojy Cherian, on a biking expedition, sent a message to his son Rohan saying that he will be soon in a no-network area and he was headed to Ladakh. Sadly, he never made it to Ladakh. He met with an accident and passed away despite being given medical care.

The roads are no place for fun. As a matter of fact, driving/riding is the most dangerous thing we do on a daily basis. An out-of-control vehicle on the road is no different from a missile. It could take down lives and cause serious damage to life and property. Traversing mountain roads and passes are very different from day-to-day driving and are even more dangerous. Biking expedition and adventure touring is a culture that’s been catching up recently in India. Every year, the number of riders heading to the mountains is increasing.

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There are lot of tour operators organising such adventure biking trips to Himalayas and other parts of India. The question here is “How much attention is paid to safety of riders?” Another factor to be considered is the Mental and physical fitness required to traverse the treacherous passes. Sadly many such tour organisers include riders for the expedition as long as they make the payment.

The loss of his life saddens me, who as a rider myself, have done many solo/group trips. May the departed soul rest in peace. It’s high time that Government and/or other law enforcement agencies crack down on many such unorganised tour operators, who don’t heed to safety or the riders.

Don’t settle for cheap quotes

Cheap quotes for such rides is a major USP. But they lack proper preparation, back-up vehicle, doctors and hygienic accommodation. Those who organise such rides just for the sake of it, really don’t care about anything as long as they receive money. On the other hand experienced and passionate outfits have a proper way of doing it – be it mechanics, doctors, backup vehicle, accommodation and others.

Riding and Murphy’s law

There is no denying that such expedition is adrenaline pumping and adventurous. But, one’s own safety should be of paramount importance than the fun and adventure it offers. It is the onus of the rider to make sure he/she rides in a safe manner. Yes, the riding gear (helmet, armoured jacket, knee and elbow guards, boots) offers some protection, but we should always remember Murphy’s law, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”  while on road or off it.


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