Man who fought against potholes in Bengaluru falls prey to one

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Waseem Memon is one of those who started the fight against different road taxes in the country. This led to the abolishment of lifetime tax for non-KA vehicles in the state for a whole year. He also petitioned the Karnataka High Court after seeing the pathetic state of the potholes filled roads in the capital city.

Now a media report shows that the same Waseem Memon has had an accident – you guessed it, due to a pothole. “The rear wheel of my two-wheeler got stuck in the pothole,” he said to Bangalore Mirror. He also mentioned that accident led to a spinal operation of two slipped discs setting him back by Rs 2 lakh.

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Man who fought against potholes in Bengaluru falls prey to one
Mr. Waseem Memon
Photo Credits – Bangalore Mirror

The unfortunate incident occurred on the 6th of July on Aga Abbas Ali Road near Ulsoor lake. Memon’s petition also mentions that despite several accidents, representatives seem to turn a blind eye on the safety of the people. Memon approached the Karnataka High Court after receiving no response from the BBMP commissioner.

Memon also brings up the issue of lack of signboards indicating a road divider or a speed breaker. Poorly constructed speed breakers with no indication like signboards or reflective paint can also turn out to be deadly, especially in low visibility conditions.

Recently, the High Court has ruled that roads without potholes are a constitutional right of every citizen. Any loss as a result of this is eligible for compensation. A final ruling on this is yet to arrive. Until then, we wish a speedy recovery to Mr. Menon and hope for a future with pothole-free roads.


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Source: Bangalore Mirror
Amith Gowda

Amith Gowda

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