Bajaj Group To Donate Rs 100 Crore To Fight Covid-19 Pandemic

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Bajaj Group To Donate Rs 100 Crore To Fight Covid-19 Pandemic

Under the fight against the deadly Coronavirus, Auto manufacturers are providing their part to support our country fight COVID-19. After Mahindra offering to manufacture ventilators to fight the shortage. This time the Bajaj Group has stepped with a massive contribution of Rs 100 Crore to fight against the COVID-19.

The hefty sum of the amount will be used in many ways along with helping to upgrade the infrastructure of the hospitals, mainly around Pune, as Bajaj is based out of Pune. Not just that Bajaj will also coordinate with 200+ NGOs to find out where the money is needed the most and providing relief.

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Bajaj Group To Donate Rs 100 Crore To Fight Covid-19 Pandemic

In hospitals Bajaj group will help in improving ICUs, providing ventilators, setting up more isolation wards and testing devices. They are also looking to help out the daily wage workers and homeless who have no means of food and shelter in this emergency situation. They also introduced a revolving fund model under which families have to repay 80 percent of funds given to them, the fund will then come back to the community for further use.

This is a very good movie from the Bajaj Group, as in the crisis these relief packages will go a long way helping the people and the government. We hope that more manufacturers come in to help, so we can be better prepared to fight this virus. As always WheelBHP urges you to stay home and follow the government guidelines to keep you and your family safe.

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