Finally All-New Audi Q8 Coupe-SUV is Officially Unveiled

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Finally All-New Audi Q8 Coupe-SUV is Officially Unveiled

Audi has been teasing its Q8 Coupe-SUV since few month and now Audi has finally unveiled the much anticipated Flagship Q Model series, Q8 Coupe-SUV. The Audi Q8 was first showcased at Geneva Motor Show and since then had been much awaited SUV from the German car maker. The Q8 Coupe-SUV is first of its kind offering from the car make with Coupe like SUV. The Q8 Coupe SUV is much similar to what we have seen earlier in the Geneva Motor Show. Audi has retained much of the concept in the production variant.

Howz outside ?

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The all new Q8 Coupe-SUV underpins the same aluminum MLB platform which is Volkswagen Groups shared modular construction of its longitudinal, front-engined automobiles which is also featured in Audi Q7, Bentley Bentayga and the Lamborghini Urus. The new Q8 stands alone with its aggressive and bold stance look. The Q8 is not just new car but also has new design language. The SUV has a large redesigned Vertical Chrome grill with thick grey borders at the front instead of the Horizontal grills we see across Audi line up. The Grill is accompanied by the LED Headlamps with HD Matrix LED Technology as an option along with 3D daytime running lights. Under the grills are the burly skid plates which is dam appealing and gives the SUV a bold instance.

Finally All-New Audi Q8 Coupe-SUV is Officially Unveiled

The Q8 feature a coupe like slopping roof line which flawlessly draws and merges to the D-Pillar and the end with frameless doors along with the muscular shoulder line while the sleek Quattro inspired wheel arches compliments the SUV design language with 22-inch Wheels. At the rear it comes along a roof spoiler with an extra ordinary wide tail lamp (as seen before in 2018 Audi A8) with vertical light strips at both the side while it will give you an illusion as one unit. Below the tail gate is the busy bumper with black insert along with dark chrome skid plate. Every details are very clear and the Q8 Coupe-SUV looks beautifully crafted machine.

Finally All-New Audi Q8 Coupe-SUV is Officially Unveiled
Audi Q8 Coupe-SUV Interiors

Appealing Interiors?

While the Q8 looks bigger, it’s a smaller wheel base of 2987mm compared to the Audi Q7 which is 2994mm. Although the Q8 has bigger wheel base compared to Range Rover Sport (2923mm) and BMW X6 (2933 mm). Additionally, the interior spacing is pretty alike to the Q7 to some extend, while the design language may remind you of the A8 revealed last year. The Coupe-SUV has a five seating setup. The Dashboard is a piano black layout accompanied with a 10.1 inch MMI touch response display unit while a secondary 8.6 inch digital display unit is setup below the air vents and other car controls. The system also comes with Audi connect data transfer module and a Wi-Fi Hotspot. The cockpit instrumentation features a 12.3 inch complete digital display unit, featuring two views which can be controlled from the multi-function steering wheel.

Finally All-New Audi Q8 Coupe-SUV is Officially Unveiled

That’s all ?

The SUV has seven driving modes starting from off-road to more performance oriented modes that tunes the settings for suspension and engine performance. The SUV also comes with features like adaptive cruise assist, curb warning, lane change warning, crossing assist along with the 360 degree cameras.

Power matters!

The Q8 Coupe-SUV will be powered by a 3.0-litre Petrol in the 55 TFSI with 340hp motor while a 3.0 litre diesel in 50 TDI with a 286hp motor. While no detailed specification are revealed yet although the performance figures suggests that diesel can accelerate the Q8 to 100kph from idle in 6.3sec and has a 230kph top speed with 600Nm of torque. On the other hand the petrol will feature an eight-speed gearbox, with a seven-speed S tronic unit for the diesel. Audi will also offer a new Mild Hybrid technology supported by a 48 volt electrical system.

Finally All-New Audi Q8 Coupe-SUV is Officially Unveiled


The Q8 is no doubt a bang in the market with its coupe like design and muscular SUV stance. The new Q8 Coupe-SUV will go against the rivals like BMW X6, Range Rover Sport and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé. The Audi Q8 would be leading the Q series now after the Q7

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