Ather Cruiser Motorcycle Concept Rendered – Looks Futuristic

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Ather Cruiser Motorcycle Concept - Rendered & Looks Futuristic

Ather Electric has been one of the successful company when it comes to electric mobility. They are successfully selling their Ather 450 and 450X in many cities now and are expanding at a good pace. But Ather is only limited to E-Scooters as of now, and in fact, much electric company work in this space only.

Ather Cruiser Motorcycle Concept - Rendered & Looks Futuristic

While Revolt has made their attempt at electric naked bike segment and Ultraviolette is trying their luck with electric Superbike option. Nobody has quite attempted to make an electric cruiser except the TVS Zeppelin. Now Mr Sreejith Krishnan Kunjappan, a product designer based out of Banglore has digitally rendered a cruiser bike from Ather following the company design style. And it looks amazing, like something Ather can actually make if they would like to.

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Design inspiration? Sharks. As sharks are known to travel a lot of distance in the ocean, and just like the shark the Ather cruiser will be capable of doing a long journey silently. The colour choice has been the same as Ather, white, black, grey and subtle hints of green to tell you about the electric (green) side. As you can see the headlight design is kind of resemblance to the design of Ather 450X, a tall windscreen is provided to cut down the air drag.

Ather Cruiser Motorcycle Concept - Rendered & Looks Futuristic

The front suspension is kept hidden and gives the bike that clean and stealthy look. Coming to the side profile 5 spoke alloy wheel looks minimal, it gets a green coloured mono-shock and the riders triangle is made as per a cruiser so the seating position is relaxed. Even the rider cockpit or instrument cluster is made very minimal. A digital instrument cluster plus a phone dock. The concept for phone dock is very interesting, it gets wireless charging, plus when docked it will get mirrored to instrument cluster so you don’t have to look down for you notifications or maps.

Ather Cruiser Motorcycle Concept - Rendered & Looks Futuristic

While the render looks very cool, to bring all this into production, everything has to be reimagined and be practical. But that doesn’t stop our imaginations to run wild and maybe someday Ather will enter into the motorcycle segment.

Source – Behance

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