Ather 340 discontinued, Ather 450 gets a range boost via OTA updates

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Ather 340 discontinued, Ather 450 gets a range boost via OTA updates

Ather is a Bengaluru based startup manufacturer offering electric scooters. It offered two variants – 340 and 450. Ather 340 was Rs 11,000 cheaper but also came with a smaller battery. Recent sales data from the company shows 99% of the customers choosing the 450 over the 340. This is the reason behind the discontinuation of the model.

Ather tweeted – “99% of our customers prefer to own the higher variant, the Ather 450. On this account, we are discontinuing Ather 340 & focussing on scaling up production for the Ather 450.”

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The Ather 340 came with a 1.92 kWh Lithium-ion. This was good for a range of just 60km/full charge. The motor produced power equivalent to 5.90bhp and also 20Nm of torque. On the other hand, Ather 450 has a 2.4 kWh battery which manages to have more range.

Ather is also pushing out a new Over The Air (OTA) update for the 450. This update is focused on improving its range. The electric scooter now has an ECO mode which pushes the range to 75kms. The other modes like Ride and Sport have a range of 65kms and 55kms respectively. OTA updates are made simple of the scooter using an inbuilt SIM card which automatically downloads and installs the update. Ather has previously released one other OTA update which only focused on improving the user experience of its touch screen instrument cluster.

Ather 340 discontinued, Ather 450 gets a range boost via OTA updates

Current Ather 450 costs Rs 1,08,847 (ex-showroom Bangalore). It is also only available in Bangalore and Chennai due to production constraints. However, with the discontinuation of the 340, Ather can focus on ramping up the production of the 450 and bring it more cities. Hyderabad is scheduled to receive its first showroom in early 2020, followed by Pune later.



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