The launch of the Formula-1 inspired hypercar, Aston Martin Valkyrie is drawing closer. Aston Martin has now released new photos of this hypercar. The Valkyrie is a USD 3 million car will rival the likes of the Mercedes-AMG One and the Mclaren Speedtail.

Aston Martin Valkyrie - New Photos Revealed

The car will run on a massive 6.5L naturally aspirated V12 motor which produces over 1,100 horses. Also, the car is super light, weighing in at just over 1000 kilograms. This adds up to the already great performance of the car. Aston Martin also has a new concept gearbox. This along with the track-only AMR Pro version will push the already ludicrous performance a notch higher.

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Aston Martin Valkyrie - New Photos Revealed

The new Photos of the Aston Martin Valkyrie showcases the car in a two-tone blue paint job. The intricate design of the wheels adds up to the elegance of the car. Also, the side indicator lamps are now on the front fenders. The front splitter and side skirts are also new with a more complicated design. The roof scoop also sees minor modifications. Aston Martin will also offer flat wheel covers similar to the ones on the Mclaren Speedtail. The flatter surface smooths airflow making the car more streamlined.

Aston Martin Valkyrie - New Photos Revealed

The interior of the Valkyrie is an ocean of carbon fiber. Interior looks a little cramped. But then again, this car is not meant for a comfortable drive, it is meant to go fast and do it in style. Also, all 175 Valkyrie buyers will have a 3D body scan performed to ensure the seats perfectly fit them. We also see the “feet up” position just like in an F1 car for the driver. The shape of the steering wheel is also reminiscent of an F1 car. The instrument cluster is also mounted on the steering wheel.


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