[Video] Aston Martin DBX Prototype debuts at Goodwood FOS

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Aston Martin DBX SUV To Be Powered By Mercedes-AMG V8 Engine

DBX, the British carmaker’s first SUV, made it’s debut as a prototype at the Famous Goodwood Festival Of Speed. The DBX is scheduled to be unveiled in the last quarter of 2019 and will be built at Aston Martin Lagonda’s St Athan facility, Wales. This will be the only production facility for the Luxury SUV.

The prototype at the festival of Speed appears to be wearing many pre production parts. A roll cage can be seen in place of the rear seats. We cannot judge the creases and the design in general – as the car was wearing a camouflage and automakers have become masters in disguise.

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Earlier this year, Aston Martin released a video of DBX extreme weather testing in Sweden. The testing took place at Pirelli’s proving grounds. The SUV is currently undergoing its final stages of testing. The production is set to commence during the first quarter of 2020. The DBX is the first Aston Martin to undergo a new and dedicated testing.

This is to ensure that the SUV performs well in its all-purpose role and its flawless as it is the marque’s first venture in the SUV bandwagon. The DBX will feature impressive multi-terrain response system and towing capabilities – as expected out of such an SUV.

Petrol or Hybrid?

With the manufacturers and Governments across the world mulling for electrification, this is an important question to be answered. The DBX will initially be powered by the Mercedes AMG V8 engine and Aston Martin’s own V12(one that powers the DB11) before the hybrid drive train finds its place.

The DBX will rival against the likes of Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga, Rolls Royce Cullinan and Ferrari’s upcoming super SUV. But, given the global market’s inclination towards high sided cars in general – we can safely say that the DBX will quickly become the British carmaker’s best selling model.

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