Ask about Safety – Tata’s brilliant ad campaign

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Tata Motors, in its republic day video campaign, has urged consumers to ask the right questions. When buying a car, the average Indian buyer is concerned about the features such as seating capacity, boot space, infotainment system and others. The important of all them is “Kitna deti hain”, the mileage. Most of them do not pay much attention to safety.

With this new initiative, Tata motors appeal the buyers to question on a vehicle’s safety such as airbags, crashworthiness and other safety features. In doing so, Tata Motors takes a dig at Maruti Suzuki over safety. The particular campaign by Maruti focuses on fuel efficiency and goes by saying that Marutis are the most fuel-efficient. Yes, Maruti produces some of the most fuel-efficient cars and that ad campaign resonated the mindset of Indian car buyers.

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The ad also featured Indian buyers asking the question “Kitna deti hain” to the likes of Yacht, Supersonic plane, a rocket and even Amelia Johnson. But, is fuel efficiency more important than safety? That is what Tata is asking in their Republic day video campaign.

Tata Nexon Republic Day – #SafetyFirst

India holds the infamous record of having the most number of casualties in road crashes, per year. Road Safety is your Right! So, this Republic Day, ask the Right Questions and start with “Kitni Safe Hai?” rather than “Kitna Deti Hai?” An initiative by Tata Nexon – India's Safest Car. #SafetyFirst

Gepostet von Tata Motors am Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2019

The points put across in the video very much reflect the mindset of the average car buyer in India. With this new initiative, Tata Motors is hoping to bring about a change in buyers perception and make them focus on things that matter.

India holds an infamous record for having the most number of casualties in road crashes, per year. This can be reduced by making the buyer aware of the safety features available and regulations put forth by the Government.

Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon became the first Indian car to achieve a 5-star rating in a crash test. The tests were conducted by Global NCAP in December 2018. The Tata Nexon scored a 16 out of a maximum of 17 points for adult occupant and a 3-star rating for child safety.

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