Apple CarPlay up until now only supported Apple Maps as the only available navigation service. This was a big problem for every iPhone user who relies on Google Maps as their primary navigation medium. Apple Maps has a big history for hit or miss navigation service.

Now, with the new iOS 12 rolling out, iPhone users can easily use Google Maps in their car. Waze support will also come soon. This was first announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June this year, but it’s now officially available to users as part of the iOS12.0 update released alongside the new iPhones.

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Apple CarPlay now gets much awaited Google Maps support

Apple CarPlay

Most in car infotainment systems are not intuitive and hard to use. Hence smartphone manufacturers provide a way to link your smartphones, Android, and iPhones to your car via USB. This allows the smartphone to control the car’s screen. This can allow for a more intuitive and familiar experience in using the infotainment systems. Also, all data is synced as everything is available straight from the smartphone. It also makes all icons are bigger and text readable for ease of use.

Apple CarPlay now gets much awaited Google Maps support

Up until now, iPhone users were restricted to use Apple’s own Apple maps as the navigation service in CarPlay. Google Maps utilizes Google’s own traffic and mapping data, which is the main reason most people prefer to use it over other navigation services.

Most modern cars nowadays come with in built CarPlay and Android Auto support. CarPlay also has to be certified by Apple. They have a comprehensive list of all cars that support CarPlay. Some third party manufacturers like Alpine, Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, and Sony also make CarPlay-certified systems also make CarPlay certified devices. All iPhone from iPhone 5 and onwards will support CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay now gets much awaited Google Maps support

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