Mahindra Alturas G4 is More Than a Luxurious SUV – A Capable Off-Roader Too

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Mahindra Alturas Is More Than Just A Luxurious SUV. An Off-Roader Too

Mahindra has launched its flagship masterpiece – the Alturas G4 in India with ample luxurious and tech features. The SUV has a 2.2-liter engine under its hood paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission sourced from Mercedes-Benz. Thankfully, we got a chance to test drive the husky in some off-road terrains near Jaipur.

The SUV comes in both 4×2 and 4×4 options. The 4×4 gets a differential lock with 2H (Normal 2×2 option), 4 High and 4 Low. The drive began with a convoy of more than 15 Alturas G4, all 4×4 drive vehicles. The excitement level inside me was pretty high as I was going to drive the bulky SUV through tough off-road terrains for the first time. Being a guy who loves to drive in the city and straight highways, it was a new experience for me.

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Mahindra Alturas Is More Than Just A Luxurious SUV. An Off-Roader Too

The Convoy of Alturas reached the starting point and Mahindra’s off-roading expert, Manish Sarser briefed us about the terrain. After the briefing, we began to roll through the sandy ups and downs. The first terrain was a “C” shaped uphill which was child play for the Alturas even in 2×2 mode. Thanks to the grunting torque in the mid-range. We went through a few steep downhill sections (believe us, the slopes were a scary 60-degrees). The Alturas made it easy with a foot on the brake pedals and with 4 Low also without hill descent control.

The SUV was easy to maneuver, however, the turning ratio was a bit on the higher side. The uphill terrains were much easier with the 4×4 High and also the 178 bhp and 420 Nm of torque gave a lot of confidence while going through the terrain.

Mahindra Alturas Is More Than Just A Luxurious SUV. An Off-Roader Too

The Alturas has a decent approach and departure angle for an SUV of this size. The 4×4 section terrains set for some serious fun too, made easier with the perfectly set wheel articulation of the Alturas. The SUV’s Electric Stability programs include hill start assist, active roll-over program, traction control, brake assist, electronic brake distribution, ABS and also an emergency stop signal

The Alturas G4 has personally amazed me a lot. The SUV is more than just being luxurious, it has the muscle to prove itself as a capable off-roader too.

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