All New Mahindra Thar – Jeep Rubicon Rip Off?

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All New Mahindra Thar - Jeep Rubicon Rip Off?

Mahindra chose an iconic date to reveal an iconic SUV for our country. The older generation might have praises for old Jeeps, MM540, or Mahindra Major as we know it, but for Generation Z, Thar is what they know.

Things have changed, back then the roads demanded these type of vehicles. Now people specifically go to off beaten roads and places with no roads to enjoy these machines. But for most another part when they are not on a life adventure, rather they work in metropolitan cities. And that calls for a practical vehicle. Mahindra has just tried to solve that side of the Thar, to make it more practical, but is it all sunshine? Is it the perfect vehicle? Let’s find out.

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All New Mahindra Thar - Thoughts After The Hype

The exterior, sure it looks much better than before, boxy styling works all in its favor. Except when you look at it, you will feel you have seen the design before, no not the older Thar, but the Jeep Rubicon 2-door. There are two different things, one is inspiring from a design other is copying and the new Thar looks exactly like the Jeep Rubicon 2-door.

Have a look below, and you will resonate with my thoughts. All New Thar looks good, but Mahindra could have come up with design inherited and improved from the old Thar, not carried from the Jeep. And if you haven’t heard everyone until now talking about the grille, Mahindra has successfully ruined the iconic 7 slats grille.

All New Mahindra Thar - Thoughts After The Hype
All New Thar Alongside Jeep Wrangler – Img credit Pilot On Wheels

Thar also does get the led treatment but left it where it makes the most sense. The headlights are still halogen, while it gets LED tail lamps and DRLs. Mahindra has also given an option for factory fitted hardtop, but it’s not something as strong as the metal, so the damage it can take is yet to be seen.

All New Mahindra Thar - Thoughts After The Hype

Coming to the inside the Thar has a much better interior than before and comes loaded with features. You finally get a forward-facing seat option but it’s not a very nice place to be in. First the ingress is difficult, Flipping the front seats and squeezing in. Then the rear is just too basic, basic carpeting at the doors with no space to keep anything, not even your phone. Plus it gets claustrophobic with fixed rear windows. Then comes the speaker placement right up on the roof, looks cool, but isn’t practical, you wouldn’t want music bashing right into your ears from above.

The good bits? Height adjustment for driver seat, tilt adjusting steering wheel, power windows, electrically adjustable ORVMs, a 7-inch infotainment system loaded with the adventure display to show various parameters while going off-road, IP54 certified interiors, TPMS, cruise control and steering mounted controls.

Engine options make an entry for the new mStallion Petrol engine which makes 150ps and 300Nm of torque with a 6-speed manual, it also gets a 6-speed automatic giving it additional 20Nm of torque. While the oil burner makes less power and similar torque as petrol. Mahindra Thar also comes equipped with all the safety features such as ESP, roll cage, airbags, rear parking sensors, and hill hold and descent controls.

Well, that’s about it. The New Thar is definitely a league ahead of its predecessor. It also gets a host of features but maybe if they were executed more practically it could have been a complete package. And do not forget all this will command a premium, and at that price, you can have full feature-loaded and comfortable SUVs like the Hyundai Creta, or you can go big on lifestyle vehicles and get the Isuzu V-Cross.

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