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Santosh is Founder member of WheelBHP, an MBA Professional and automotive nut, a biker by heart. Cars and bikes have always moved his soul ever since he was a kid and this led  to a deep passion in motoring. His passion made him write blog on motoring news and events ultimately leading him to WheelBHP. He’s a pro when it comes to keeping things sorted and this makes him manage him work and blogging. The journey to WheelBHP was although not easy for him considering his professional and love life (which he referes to auto blogging) yet the enthusiasm and support from his friends and family made him stand firm and go ahead with what he likes the most..

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Yog is a nomad biker, exploring across the world, with very few complaints from the life, other than perhaps that bikes should be able to run on water too!! (Well, one of his wish he would ask a Jinny). Learning isn’t a zero-sum activity. Being a jack of all trades doesn’t mean you’re a master of none. Yog perhaps lives his life with that principle. Although he hates multi tasking, he loves to switch between his day job of a Tech co-founder, startup adviser, speaker to more passionate job of a biker, traveler, hiker, occasional chef and a certified bartender!!

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Vivek is an MBA marketing professional with engineer at heart, He fell in love with cars at age of 8 and since then his love became passion. He is always ready for car talks and drives. He has the aspiration to bring change in Indian automobile industry. He focuses more in renewal energy powered vehicles and working on certain projects to make India Greener..

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Sumeet, an MBA professional. Although a photographer by heart. His passion for photography was so strong that he never misses any shot anywhere. He is just ready at every time may it a phone camera or DSLR, He is inclined to mother nature and also loves to capture portraits. He is friend of Santosh and this made him decide to join him in this journey for WheelBHP. He make sure that we have well captured shots to deliver our viewers.

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