A Tank Inspired Convertible SUV ? Mahindra Unveiled its Stinger Concept at Auto Expo

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Mahindra has been known to amuse the customers many times like we had XUV 500 Aero in the last auto expo 2016 and this time too they have stun many auto enthusiastic. Mahindra has made global debut of its first convertible SUV “Stinger”, based upon TUV 3oo. The rugged SUV, TUV 3oo is inspired by artillery tank and the cues can be seen in the Stinger Concept SUV as well. TUV 3oo has not been much successful SUV and has average sales of 2100 unit per months till December 2017.

Earlier TUV 3oo had two engine option, one with 1.5 Litre engine which produces 84hp @ 3750rpm with 230Nm of peak torque and the other with 1.5 litre engine which churns out powerful 100hp @ 3750rpm @ 240Nm of peak torque. However, recently Mahindra has phased out the 84hp engine and only offering the 100hp engine to keep the SUV up in the market with power presence. The Stinger though doesn’t has any detail specification for the engines.

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The Stinger is only a concept based but looks quite production version, thanks to its inspiration model TUV 3oo. The Stinger Convertible SUV is 4 seater and has rear seat rolling bar for safety, which carries the Stinger branding in the sides with Carbon Fiber finish. The front row is from future. The SUV has a huge central infotainment system (those are bigger than your regular tablets..yeah! That’s true! ) with top and bottom flat steering wheels and the it will make you feel like a sports car cabin. The outside is very clean and simple with side cladding crossing the wheel arches till the rear end and gently integrated. The TUV 3oo has been struggling and the new convertible concept may help Mahindra. Although, the SUV has received huge acceptance and this may make Mahindra to think on launching the production version of Stinger.

Here we have few still of the Convertible SUV along with a walk around video. You can follow us @ facebook.com/wheelBHP for more latest updates…..Stay tunned!



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