Biker from Tamil Nadu covers 5924 Kms in 4 days with his TVS Apache RR 310

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Biker from Tamil Nadu covers 5924 Kms in 4 days with his TVS Apache RR 310

One doesn’t simply take his brand new bike which has barely crossed its free-service for a 6000 Km drive across 13 states. Nor would one accomplish such a feat in just 104 hrs. The ardent biker Poonkathirvelan Boopalan from Tamil Nadu had set out to conquer the roads in his sparkling new TVS Apache RR 310. It took him a total of 104 hours to tread a distance of 5924 Kms on the Golden Quadrilateral, battling harsh dust storms and unruly roads.

Poonkathirvelan’s journey on the Golden Quadrilateral spanned across 13 states and 4 metropolitan cities with a generous 32 fuel stops for his RR310 which he refers to as “Marengo”. “Marengo” is the first RR310 to clock more than 10000 Kms and worked like a Swiss chronometer throughout the trip. With him, safety is always at the highest priority and he drives along with all the safety gear at all times. He ferried all his luggage by bundling them on his travel bag mounted on the rear seat, this also acted a makeshift saddle rest to make life easier. The RR310 also comes equipped with dual channel ABS. It is to be noted that Boopalan’s TVS Apache RR310 is completely stock, devoid of any long distance modifications. This goes out to prove the reliability of the new Apache RR310.

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But not everything was sunshine and rainbows as he had to battle harsh weather conditions owing to the onslaught of dust storms and the blistering heat. Poonkathirvelan had to bumble at low speeds under such conditions which affected his overall speed. To add to his woes around 400 Km highway stretch in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh was under construction leading to further subsidence to his overall speed. These susceptible factors held him back from nailing a record on the Golden Quadrilateral.

Setting a record on the Golden Quadrilateral isn’t the end of the world as any true biker would know, it is the “Journey that matters, not the Destination”. Poonkathirvelan was determined to make it across the menacing dust storms in Gaya which had already claimed several lives. He took shelter at petrol bunks and resorted to power naps to keep himself in the move. Throughout the journey, he made relations with several people from different cultures and helped him ride home the spirit of Incredible India.

Poonkathirvelan Boopalan has had a zeal for driving ever since he was a kid. He already owns 8 motorcycles which have got more than 3 lakh Kms. He wanted to prove his passion to his colleagues and family members by enduring all the odds and accomplishing his journey. He managed to do an average moving speed of 84.1 Kmph and a top speed of 156 Kmph which were tapped on his Garmin GPSmap. Such a feat deserves a big appreciation and we congratulate him on behalf of WheelBhp and wish him all luck in his future endeavours.

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