Currently, the autonomous vehicles are not so popular among the automotive fans, but the recent record proves that these vehicles are not unlike any standard car. A new world record was set recently of the ‘largest parade of autonomous cars’ which was produced by a China-based car maker. In China, there are many local automotive manufacturers who are interested in spending a huge amount in developing self-driving technology.

Parade of 55 Autonomous Cars Set New Guinness World Record
Parade of 55 Autonomous Cars Set New Guinness World Record

On the 28 November 2018, the autonomous world record was set at Dianjiang test track in Chongqing, China. The place is located near Changan’s quarters in Chongqing city. The record was a combined work of 55 autonomous cars. Watching all vehicles on the same track is an amazing scenario. Each car was guided by drivers, although, they didn’t handle the car throughout the parade. The drivers were designated just for safety purpose.

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Before the beginning of the parade, there were 56 autonomous vehicles manufactured by Changan, however, one of the cars was excluded as the operator procured power of the specific car for a section of the record track. Yang Guo, autonomous car engineer at Changan Automobile said, “The drivers who participated in the test had no contact with the autopilot system at all, so we should also build up their confidence in our system in a short period of time to let go [of the controls]”.

Parade of 55 Autonomous Cars Set New Guinness World Record
Parade of 55 Autonomous Cars Set New Guinness World Record

Meanwhile the effort, 56 red SUV’s were driven in a 3.2-kilometre region of the route at 30km/h. The cars were divided by nearly two car distances, and the entire effort took 9 minutes and 7 seconds to achieve. Changan manufacturer said that the operators who were a part of the record had “no contact with the autopilot system”, which suggest the comfort of arrangement needed for the autonomous technology.

The automobile firm also confirmed that the cars can be soon driven without the assistance of an operator with additional improvement in the technology. Changan Automobile has also modified the red SUVs which helped to achieve the record. They updated the sensors so that the cars recognise the limits of its track and the location of the car. They also overcame the cars’ object and event detection to 1% from the normal 5%. The company is also committed to some local contracts with Ford, Mazda, Suzuki and the PSA Group.

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