5 Reason to Avoid Kia Sonet and Buy Tata Nexon

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Kia Sonet comparison Tata Nexon

We had earlier told you reasons to buy Kia Sonet as this little SUV has some wow factors indeed. But how it fares against the rival where more value for money products are already making good sales numbers. Yes, we are talking about the Tata Nexon and we bring you 5 reasons why you should buy Tata Nexon instead of Kia Sonet.

Built Quality – You won’t believe 

Kia motors are know to produce some really good cars like Kia Seltos and the Carnival. However, in the case of Kia Sonet things have changed. The Sonet does offer gizmos like ventilated seats, 10 inch touch screen, all led headlamp set up and lot others, but the quality of the dashboard and the instrument console is apparently not satisfying. On the other hand Tata Nexon remains to the point in terms of dashboard and interior quality. Importantly, Tata Nexon is a 5 Star rated car in Global NCAP, Incase you are not aware of it…

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Engine and Transmission – A Lot to confuse you

Kia Sonet has been offered with multiple engine and transmission options and this is confusing. The same phenomena happened with the Seltos, however, being new to the market Kia had to offer and throw everything to the customers. Eventually, the Sonet is the 3rd car for the manufacturer and by this time customer needs should have been understood. But, sadly…. The Petrol Engines are refined but not in the case of Diesel. However, Tata Nexon makes more sense with a Diesel option. In fact, with the BS6 avatar, Nexon Petrol engines have grown up a lot from where it started. So, We think Tata wins the toss.


Space is a Joke

The matter of concern is space.. we all know the Hyundai Venue had to struggle with 2nd row spacing, and the Kia Sonet is no different. the front seats are comfortable but then you don’t get telescopic steering adjustment hence, taller drivers ? stay away. Even if you try somehow to reach the steering wheel with seat pushed backward. The 2nd row is no more comfortable to be seated. But you have a better option with Tata Nexon. The front seats are comfy and even if you adjust or slide back, no rear seat compromise is done. The 2nd row seating is far better in Tata nexon when compared to Kia Sonet.


Old Bottle with a new Label

This isn’t something new we have seen.. I meant, sharing of platforms. Hyundai Venue and Kia Seltos are built in the same platform and are heavily camoflauged with thier respective brand design theme. All though, Kia has managed to distinguish Sonet from the Hyundai Venue with those Tiger nose Grill, but whats cause of concern is you know everything, from engines to transmission and the platform and to be honest, it looks more of a raised hatchback then a SUV. Whats new is only the sculpted exterior and interiors. The story on the Nexon side is bit different and progressive. Earlier, the Nexon had curvy, concept design, but with the BS6 facelift it looks more pronounced and upmarket. No more curvy concept but more of a matured compact SUV.


Hefty Price Tag

If you have booked a Kia Sonet, then be ready to spend somewhere between 7 to 13 Lakhs basis the variant you choose. However, you get more safety with a lesser price tag of Tata Nexon which starts from 7 lakhs to 11.5 lakhs. Additionally, Tata motors are already offering huge discounts across range. However, considering Kia sonet which is yet to be launched will not give you the discount benefit for now.


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