2021 Honda CBR 600RR Launched – Only In Japan

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2021 Honda CBR 600RR Launched - Only In Japan

The 600cc Supersports space use to be a happening space with all major manufacturers fighting with their cutthroat top-spec race machines, bringing out all the tech that a 1000cc can offer with a smaller mill. But slowly it faded away, Honda pulled the plug from CBR 600RR in 2013 when it stopped offering in UK and Europe. While other manufacturers shifted to bigger engines, Triumph Daytona 765.

2021 Honda CBR 600RR Launched - Only In Japan

But Honda has revived the Honda CBR 600RR with many style changes which make it a hot topic again. Like the Yamaha, Honda stuck to the true 600cc mill, 599cc inline-four-cylinder to be exact, bore and stroke also remain the same but with internal changes such as lighter and stronger materials for the crankshaft, camshaft and valve spring. All of these have helped this engine to make 121hp while screaming at a staggering 14,000 rpm, while 64Nm of torque comes at 11,500rpm.

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2021 Honda CBR 600RR Launched - Only In Japan

What else has changed? A host of electronics on offer. You get ride-by-wire, Bosch six-axis IMU, Honda Selectable Torque Control system (basically Traction control), wheelie control, adjustable engine braking. Also, the bike gets bi-directional quick-shifter but not as standard. The lighting is All LED upfront with LED indicators and winglets for better aerodynamic, plus the under-seat exhaust completes the 600RR styling.

The aerodynamic part has been worked on quite a lot, it gets the lowest drag coefficient in its class of 0.55. The suspension unit remains the exact same as the old model and even the braking is the same.

2021 Honda CBR 600RR Launched - Only In Japan

So now we come to the price. In Japan, the bike is priced at 1,606,000 Yen, which equated to Rs 11.25 Lakhs. But there’s so need to compare the prices or the competition because CBR600RR will never come to India. It’s still only Euro 4 compliant and Honda is happy selling it in Japan.

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