[Video] 2020 Royal Enfield Thunderbird X riding stance revealed

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2020 Royal Enfield Thunderbird X

Its a well known fact that Royal Enfield is testing their next generation bikes – The Classic, The Bullet and the Thunderbird range. The next-gen bikes will feature a double cradle chassis instead of a single downtube setup. Another key focus area will be the heart of the bulls – they will feature BS6 compliant engines. Some of the test mules earlier spotted were featuring a revised engine – along with new alternator and transmission cases.

Considering the fact that Royal Enfield delivered butter smooth engines with the Twins, expectations are high for the 2020 models. Though, only time will answer the question.  With that being said, the latest spotting was of a 2020 Thunderbird X. The variant spotted was a BS6 with fuel injection. The motorcycle was spotted by enthusiast Santhosh Kumar and he has posted the same on his Youtube channel. Watch the video below:

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What’s new the 2020 Thunderbird?

As it can be seen in the video, the bike seems longer than the current model. The fuel tank is a new unit too. The headlamp could be a halogen unit with multi-reflector. The exhaust seems to be a completely new unit. What is more noticeable is the updated riding stance. The rider sits a little behind while the foot pegs are more forward positioned, resulting in a more relaxed riding position. What could also be seen in the video is the new hazard lamps.Though earlier models of Thunderbird sported this setup, they were removed later on. It is not sure whether Royal Enfield will carry them to the production model. The bike also carries forward the split seat setup.

Royal Enfield has invested a considerable sum of amount in the R&D and will introduce the new models before 2020 April – when the new BS6 norms kick in. What else, Royal Enfield might surprise us with the new model lineup or a prototype in Rider Mania 2019 – The largest gathering of Royal Enfield motorcycles. Stay tuned to his space for more news on the updated models.

Video: Courtesy of Santhosh Kumar

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