Upcoming 2020 Mahindra Scorpio Test Mules Caught Fire While Testing

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Upcoming 2020 Mahindra Scorpio Test Mules Caught Fire While Testing

Mahindra has been testing the newer generation Scorpio from a while in India and is expected to come around next year. But a video of an unfortunate event has surfaced online. A test mule of the 2020 Scorpio caught sever fire on the run.

The video shows the Scorpio engulfed in fire, and there is no report or clip about how the fire started. There are very fewer cases of test mule catching fire, but it’s not impossible as the test mules have a lot of extra things attached to check the emission norms and other statistics. And due to the BS-VI norms, there have been various changes in the engine, and it needs rigorous testing before it will make to the public.

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The reports state that the driver was driving the car when he noticed smoke coming from the engine compartment. As soon as he stopped the car, the flames went uncontrollable. He was lucky enough to escape the vehicle in time and no injuries have been reported. while there seems to be no help arrived till the video has been shot, and the car has been totally burnt. We can also see that the front of the car has been crumple under the extreme fire.

The new Scorpio (Codename Z101) is built on the new ladder-frame chassis platform. The engine will be a 2.0-litre BS-VI compliant diesel engine. It can have a different state of tune and will produce somewhere around 170hp. Engine options can have a 6-speed manual along with an automatic option at a later stage.

While nobody was injured, the cause of the fire does need to be figured out by Mahindra. The purpose of the test mules is exactly this, figuring out the reliability and issues before officially launching the vehicle. We hope that Mahindra figures out the issue and take appropriate steps to rectify it.

Source – Rushlane

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