2019 Jeep Wrangler launched in India at INR 64 lakhs

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Jeep Wrangler

FCA has launched the all new Jeep Wrangler in India. The Wrangler is available at a pan India ex-showroom price of INR 64 Lakhs. It is available only in the Unlimited, 5 door, variant.  The engine is a 2 liter, 4 Cylinder turbo petrol and there is no word about a Diesel variant. At this prices, the new wrangler is about 8 lakhs costlier than the last generation model. But for this premium, you get new features, premium cabin.

So, Whats new about the Wrangler?

Nothing much has changed about the iconic, boxy silhouette that one would associate a Jeep with. But things are spiced up in this edition of the Wrangler. For example, the indisputable 7 slat grille is forward bent to look more aggressive. The iconic round headlamps are now all-led units. The New wrangler is longer than its predecessor by 130 mm, wider by 17 mm, and taller by 9 mm. Wheelbase has grown by 61 mm.

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The Trail rated badge, the chunky 18 inch wheels and the resulting ground clearance tell you, “I can go anywhere” with confidence. The changes at the rear are limited to all-LED tail lamp units.

Wind in the hair, and oh, some from the sides too

The modular hard top roof in the wrangler can be removed either partially or fully. You can either remove the portion of the roof above the front row for the sun-roof like effect or remove the entire roof. The windshield can be folded down and strapped giving you a true Jeep feel. The aluminum doors can be easily removed too, if you wish too. All this can be done by yourself with the tools provided at the time of purchase

Lets climb inside first..

On the inside, the new Wrangler gets black leather seats and soft touch material on the dashboard and door panels. The classic twin pod instrument cluster is separated by a digital MID that shows all the information you need. The 8.4 inch UConnect touchscreen infotainment system supports Android auto and Apple CarPlay. The Jeep gets an Alpine sound system with an all-weather  sub woofer, a 552 watt amplifier and a 9 speaker setup.

..and get off the road

Fret not about scraping the belly as the ground clearance is a massive 215 mm. The approach angle is 41.8 degrees, breakover angle – 21 degrees, and departure angle is 36.1 degrees. It boasts a 762mm water wading capability. Other off-road specific hardware include full fledged low range gearbox and locking differential on both sides. The electronic aids include Jeep’s Selec Trac System, off-road biased ESP and traction control, Hill start and hill descent control. The Wrangler is available only from 10 Jeep dealerships across India, known as Jeep Destinations.

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