1914 Harley Davidson wins Motorcycle Cannonball by riding 3441 miles

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1914 Harley Davidson wins Motorcycle Canonball by riding 3441 miles

107 riders set out to ride from Portland, Maine on September 8 on a race across the country to Portland, Oregon, on bikes manufactured prior to 1929. Out of all these, one bike stood out- the 1914 Harley Davidson. Astride it was Dean Bordigioni with the backing of Team Vino.

Bordigioni endured almost 3500 grueling miles on a single-cylinder motorcycle. With just ten-horsepower, single-speed transmission and a 44 mile-per-hour top speed. Team Vino was behind all along in a big Ram pickup hauling a bike trailer full of tools.

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In total 44 motorcycles completed the entire course without penalties. Dean was deemed the winner of the event because his motorcycle was the most difficult classic bike to ride that still completed the journey with no missed miles due to breakdowns.

1914 Harley Davidson wins Motorcycle Canonball by riding 3441 miles

“We’re kind of a band of brothers,” Campbell told the Capital-Journal. “If something fails, you fix it, on the spot or bring it back and work on it until it’s ready, whatever the cost, it’s ready by 8 o’clock the next morning. It was 17 states in 17 days, and we got 100 percent of the miles.”

“There’s a reason why this is the first time that a single has won,” explained Bordigioni, who came in just one point shy of a perfect score in 2016. “This is the first time they found somebody stupid enough to try it two times in a row on one of these!”

The weather was one of the factors to be accounted for. Temperatures frequently dipped below the negative mark. He also struggled to ride his single-speed, belt-drive 1914 Harley Davidson over hills and mountain overpasses.

In addition to the 44 bikes that logged perfect scores, five others also completed every mile, but received penalty points for being late to a check point. Jay Miner, aboard his 1918 Harley Model J, completed all miles except for one, and Richard Asprey, riding his 1915 Norton Model 16TT, missed only 11 of the 3,441 total miles.

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